Sewing A Purse

Sewing A Purse

sewing a purse

I decided that I wanted to sew a purse, after I found Best of Stitch Bags To Sew at the local library.  I chose to start with the faux leather slouch bag.  I will be honest that I found this project stretched the limits of my sewing capabilities, and I did spend some quality time with my stitch ripper.

My take on the faux leather slouch bag:

  • The directions were not clear, so I ended up pinning and re-pinning to figure out how to sew the pieces together.  I later found a great explanation of putting the pieces together that I used for my lined make up bags.
  • I used upholstery fabric instead of faux leather.
  • I chose to make one long over the shoulder strap.  I also top-stitched three lines down my strap.
  • The original pattern had no closure.  I chose to use a magnetic closure, and followed this tutorial from Noodlehead.
  • Sewing the lining, outer purse, strap, and top was too much for my machine.  I added a cute detail with embroidery thread to add a little extra to my bag.
  • I added an embellishment to the outside of the bag.  I cut coordinating brown tulle circles then used my embroidery floss to bunch them.  I attached this to my purse with a safety pin.
  • Total cost for this project: $3.21 upholstery fabric, $3.99 lining, $0.39 embroidery floss, $ magnetic closure, thread, fabric glue, and heavy duty needle on hand

You may be asking, “Why is this purse so large?  It would be cuter if it was smaller.”  I carry a leather bound planner, and medicine for my children with me wherever I go, so I need a big larger purse.

In retrospect, my purse only somewhat resembles the original……

My next purse project is an embellished clutch.

What have you sewn recently?


  1. says

    I wish I was as crafty as you! The purse came out nice. I have not sewn anything except holes in socks, and rips in shirts. Haha. Thanks for sharing!

    • Elizabeth says

      Thanks! I have been teaching myself, and I just move along with my errors…LOL I have never repaired holes in socks as I always worried that my less than skilled repair would lead to rubbing/blisters.

  2. says

    I’m so jealous that you can sew! I’ve always wanted to learn and have tried on my own but just don’t catch on. That purse is very nice and you should be so proud that you can make something so creative and fashionable!

  3. Chrissy says

    I really wish I could do this. I have a lot of issuesse with sewing and I just cna’t seem to do it lol This is a cute bag :)

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