Throw Back Thursday – Fitness

Throw Back Thursday

Me hanging out at the climbing wall in 1998/1999.  I used to belay, as well.


I was in this kind of shape post baby number one, as well.  I ran a few miles most days, and had regular access to a gym to lift weights.

I am trying to find a way to start lifting weights a few times a week (due to an injury, it’s difficult for me).  I do attend a weekly personal training session, run and do some little hand weights on my own, and go to spin weekly (if I can make it!).

Me currently, with my foster Faye in the background.  Yes, I know, my husband and cameras do not get along!  I’m about 161 now and absolutely stuck on a plateau, hence the desire to add weights.


What’s your favorite exercise?

Mine is spin.


    • Elizabeth says

      CrossFit isn’t a good fit for me given my injury (it’s permanent), but I have finally been able to get back to running and love it. I did 2 miles on Wednesday in the AM. I can’t believe you do BOTH daily! Wowzers!

  1. says

    I do crossfit and walk/run. Strength training has helped me a lot but I’m still having a hard time losing weight I gained from stress. I actually think more yoga would benefit me because it’s the opposite of what I’m doing! I did a spin class once and threw up–went too fast and not enough water!

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