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Pill Terminator – Safe Pill Disposal

With three children and three pets at home, I am always concerned about the potential hazard of any of our little ones  ingesting unwanted or unused medication.  We keep our medications out of reach and locked up, but there was always the sticky problem of disposing of medication we no longer needed or wanted.  Many communities do not offer medication disposal collection services, and many pharmacies will not accept medication for disposal.

Why use the Pill Terminator?

The Pill Terminator provides a convenient and safe way to dispose of unwanted medication without polluting the environment, contaminating groundwater, or requiring a special trip to a community or government run medication disposal drive.

How to use the Pill Terminator?

Simply collect the medication that you wish to dispose of, and drop into the container.  Each container accepts about 300 medium sized pills.

PillTerminator-Add Pills

A powdery substance is in the bottom of the container that helps to break down and render harmless the pills that are being disposed of using the Pill Terminator.  Don’t inhale or touch the powder inside.

Add water to the fill line, which is clearly marked on the outside of the bottle.

Pill Terminator Add Water

Add water and shake, then place in your trash.

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Disclosure:  My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.  This posting is sponsored by Pill Terminator.  I received product and/or monetary compensation for sharing the Pill Terminator with my readers.  The sponsor, not Water Rolls Uphill, is responsible for prize fulfillment.


  1. says

    KI love this concept and idea! Thanks for sharing and I think this is a fabulous way to dispose of those old medications! Fabulous idea and worth using for sure! I cannot believe how much contamination there is out there! Yikes! Thanks for educating me on this problem!

  2. Jacqueline says

    I admit that I didn’t really want to watch the video at first, but whoa, the stats were insane! I am a super recycler, earth-friendly vegetarian who considers myself pretty conscious about disposal procedures. Even I didn’t really how important it is not to flush old pills! I always worry about my cat getting into the medicine cabinet and thought flushing it would be the safest, but it’s hurting the wildlife in our streams!

    Thanks so much for calling this to my attention! Seriously, I learned something major here!!!

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