A Week of Pretty Flowers

A Week of Pretty Flowers

My week in pretty flowers started the evening that my spouse brought me home a bouquet of flowers. They are still going strong!

bouquet of flowers

Next we decided to redo the front landscaping bed, and my husband had to have his favorite flower, Columbine.
columbine plant

While we were shopping for landscaping plants, I saw this little potted group of succulents that reminded me of being back in California, so it hopped on my flatbed.

succulents found in California

I’ll share photos of the landscaping bed when it’s completed.  We still have a few more shrubs to plant, and some more pine straw to spread.

Do you have a favorite flower that you enjoy?


  1. says

    Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Purple is my favourite colour so I am even more in love. I love flowers, giving and receiving. I don’t have a particular favourite though. We have a beautiful blooming backyard, one of my favourite places to be. I live in Trinidad so our flora is tropical and mostly blooms all year round.

  2. Elizabeth says

    The purple Columbine is Doug’s favorite. I love the succulents in CA, and especially the hibiscus bushes that attract all of the hummingbirds. The birds of paradise plants are always so beautiful in bloom, too.
    I can only imagine how amazing your backyard must be!

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