Slow Down: Encouraging Reading

Disclosure: This sponsored post is brought to you by Chronicle Books, and offers strategies to encourage children to read more often.

Many will say that books are a thing of the past, with all of the digital media that constantly bombards us.  Kids and adults today have so many “things to do” and such busy schedules, that reading for pleasure or simply for ongoing education falls by the wayside.  With three  children of my own, I firmly believe in the importance of reading paper books, and of reading paper books to and with my children.

Books can take you anywhere, real or imagined, or educate, or simply inspire.  I hope that you share a love of reading with your children, and find or create a wonderful book today!  Did you know that my chronicle books offers personalized books that are sure to entertain and keep your child/grandchild reading?  There are also many new releases and books for teens as well.  Learn more at

Distracted Generation (Infographic) border=
Presented by MyChronicleBooks

Does your child have a favorite book?  What is it?

Disclosure: My opinions are my own and my differ from those of you own. I received compensation for sharing this infographic.


  1. says

    I am DEFINITELY sharing this. We are avid readers in our family, and I’m a huge advocate for laptime reading. I love the visual!

    • Elizabeth says

      Thanks! My kids love reading, and I attribute that to the hours we spent snuggled up reading. As they are getting older (6.5 and 8.5 now), we’ll take turns reading the longer chapter books aloud together. I appreciate you sharing the message.

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