Reusing Candle Jars – Removing Old Candle Wax


Removing Old Wax and Reusing Candle Jars

I have some really pretty candles in embellished jars that have unfortunately stopped burning.  So, I decided that I would find a way to reuse them.  Here’s more info on the issue, called tunneling, and now I can avoid it with future candles.


I put them in the freezer overnight.

The wax cracked away from the glass, and they simply slipped out.

Then I scrubbed the minimal wax inside the jars out, and refilled the jars, with marbles and votive candles.

The pretty candle jars are sitting on our kitchen table, and the kids enjoy the marbles as a filler.  Marbles are a banned toy, because puppies think that they are edible.

What is your favorite reuse of a beautiful item that you just couldn’t bear to toss?



  1. says

    I totally get this. I have a ton of candles and I hate to get rid of some of the pretty jars. One of my favorites is in a mini cast iron skillet. Thanks for sharing how you get the wax out easily. I’ll keep this in mind for future wax removal.

  2. says

    I had no idea that freezing them would remove them. If I’d known this all along, I would had saved myself a lot of stress. I have thrown away, over time, so many of the glass containers. Thank you for the tips!

    • Elizabeth says

      We typically use unscented candles due to the chemicals typically in regular candles and the expense of the naturally scented ones.

  3. says

    I don’t light candles, the husband hates the smell when you put them out..I use warmers for mine, so obviously this won’t work. What I do is pour off the melted wax into empty melt containers for reuse– some of the wax remains inside but I usually use them for little flowerpots, so it works.

    • Elizabeth says

      I don’t know how the warmers work, but this is intriguing. Is the wax scented, so you heat it to release the fragrance? We light candles for the pretty flickering light and the kids usually fight over who has blowing out privileges.

  4. says

    I use/sell Scentsy now, so I have a ton of candles in pretty jars that I have set aside wanting to remove the wax and repurpose the jars, but just hadn’t gotten around to “chipping” it all out yet. This will make it so much easier!

  5. says

    I am seriously banging my hand into my forehead right now. I have thrown away hundreds of jar candles with a majority of the wax still inside because I couldn’t light them anymore. Never in a million years did I think of trying to re-use the jars. Genius with the freezing idea, which is another idea I would not have thought of. Although I do freeze our single long candles because I heard that helps make them last longer. I vow from here forward to re-use all {or most} of my jar candles. They would make perfect containers for all my kids little items, instead of just throwing them in a drawer to never be found again. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Elizabeth says

      Did you see the link on tunneling? Prior to writing this blog post, I didn’t know that how you burn the candle the first time you light it sets it up for how well it will burn for the life of the candle.

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