It’s November again, the postings abound.

As I have looked at Facebook, and other blogs throughout the month, I have seen a common theme, gratitude. However, instead of taking the action of posting something on the internet, I encourage you to reach out directly to those people to whom you wish to show gratitude.

I overheard my friend telling her child that, “When we don’t take care of the things that we have, it shows that we are not truly grateful for them.”  It really rang true for me.  So, instead of me posting daily gratitude statuses or blog posts, I am taking the time to reach out and touch those who mean the most to me with handwritten letters, and to offer up prayers of thanksgiving both for these individuals and for all the of the material goods that we do possess.

So, as the holidays approach, I encourage you to make that phone call, send the email, or write the card – show them you care with concrete actions.  Nurture the relationships in your life, and make the extra effort to be thankful for the spiritual and material blessings that you do have.




  1. Thanks for the beautiful post, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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