Laundry: Why use Sport Wash?

sport wash

Why use Sport Wash?

It’s Laundry Time!

Given that Sport Wash is more expensive than regular laundry detergent, you’re probably wondering why I pay more to use it.  Athletic wear is expensive, and some items simply can’t be replaced if they are damaged by regular laundry detergent, such as a team uniform to be used for an entire season that is special order and set me back over $100.

How does regular detergent damage athletic wear?

Regular detergent can contain UV brighteners, enzymes, chemical and natural scents, color safe bleach, baking soda, and/or fabric softener.  It can also a leave a residue on your athletic wear.  The UV brighteners can make dark colored fabrics appear faded.  Color safe bleach and enzymes can break down the fibers in your athletic wear, reducing its longevity, impeding UV protection, as well as potentially cause graying and yellowing of fabric, embellishments, or embroidery.  Fabric softeners coat the fabric with a layer of fat and chemicals, and can inhibit the abilities of athletic wear to wick away moisture.

Sport Wash or other athletic detergent makes sense.

I may spend a bit more on athletic wear specific detergent, but I save by extending the life of our athletic clothing, and my son’s soccer uniform, which can be worn for as many seasons as it continues to fit him.

You can purchase athletic-wear specific detergent at a sports store, or online at a retailer like Amazon, which is where I purchase it.  I have been unable to find athletic wear detergent at a regular grocer and pharmacy locally, and I looked at 5 stores before ordering online.

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  1. My dad and I did taekwon-do, and my dad still does, and it’s difficult to get the sweat stains and smell out of the uniforms, so I’ll have to give this a try.

    • Elizabeth says:

      When I was “de-funking” my hubby’s clothing, I did a rinse, then an overnight soak with the Sport Wash, then a rinse after. If that doesn’t work, I was investigating something that involved hydrogen peroxide and some other OTC items for the underarms. Those items (hydrogen peroxide and the like) can’t be used on athletic wear though, as they would damage the fabrics. My husband’s running clothes, our sailing gear, and my son’s soccer clothes specifically are “Sport-Wash only” items.

  2. I’ll have to try Sport Wash for my husband’s clothes! He’s one of those people that is always hot, regardless of the time of year. Therefore most of his clothes have sweat stains in the armpits. If this would help, I’m totally trying it! Thanks for the tip!

    • Elizabeth says:

      For the weird underarm build up, maybe try the one part dawn two parts hydrogen peroxide trick. Do it on an unloved cotton tee first to see if you like the results. I stripped with the Sport Wash (stripping the weird underarm buildup and general man funk) but it took a rinse, an overnight soak in triple strength then finished the cycle, a full run in hot water and then a cold rinse. I have a top loader though and can do that without the sudsing issue of front loaders. I mainly use the Sports Wash on our expensive athletic clothes.

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