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Posy Lane Personalized Tote Bag Review

Posy Lane is a family business in Texas, much like our insurance agency.  One of my favorite parts of blogging is being able to try great products from small businesses and share them with my readers.  I have been wanting a nice, and sturdy canvas tote for a while, but I had not been able to find the perfect bag.  However, Posy Lane managed to fulfill my tote bag wish list, with style:

Posy Lane tote bag

Our bag, embroidered with our initials.

Don’t you love it?  I really like how distinctive the font is on our bag.  No one will be mistaking my gorgeous tote bag for theirs!  To give you an idea of how roomy it is, I fit either three soft-sided kids lunchboxes inside, or five bath/beach towels in it.  It didn’t fall over either!  The straps are the perfect length to make it easy to carry, even when fully loaded.  I love this bag, because it has a key pocket, stands on its own, is embroidered, and holds stuff for our family of five, without being difficult to carry.  The zip top is a lifesaver when I am carrying too much.  I don’t have to worry about anything important slipping out.

Family and friends are sure to love some of the great products that you can find at Posy Lane (personalization available):

  • For kids: nap mats, toddler backpacks, nap mats, lunch boxes, and sleeping bags
  • For family:  fleece throws, mouse pads, vanity license plates
  • Hostess gifts: stationery, platters, plates, cutting boards, and more
  • College students: bath towel wraps, travel bags, laundry bags

There are so many more great finds at Posy Lane that I’m certain you will see something that you must have.

Disclaimer:  My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.  I was provided a personalized tote bag from Posy Lane to facilitate this review, but as always, know that I won’t share something with you that I don’t absolutely love!


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