Christmas Pajamas Done!

I have posted about my ongoing attempts to complete matching Christmas pajamas for the three children.  Honestly, I didn’t think this project would drag on quite this long.  The good news is that I finally finished, before my deadline of December 1st.

I purchased my fabric and the short sleeve t-shirts at JoAnn’s using a coupon.  I purchased the long sleeve shirt at Walmart, as JoAnn’s didn’t carry his size.

I appliqued the shirts using fusible interfacing and adding a zig-zag stitch around each applique.  I sealed the edges of the appliqued fabric with Fray Check.  I sewed the larger two pairs of pants using Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2318 (affiliate link).  I made the smaller pants by outlining an old pair of Tiny Tot’s hand-me-down Gymmies.

Here they all are, finally, waiting for three little kids to start wearing them and I’m praying that they fit:

Matching Christmas pajamas for the children.

I know, I went a little crazy with the ruffles on my daughter’s pair, but honestly, she’s my only girl.  So, why not?  I hope that all three children adore them.  I can’t wait to see their little faces.

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    Great job! Not only will they love them, it will create wonderful photos and memories for them :) My mother started sewing me a dress for my very Christmas – red velvet with a cute white collar – she just needed to hem it and never finished! I still have it packed away though, hoping someday I will have a little girl and then I’ll finish it :)

  2. says

    Thanks! I will let them start wearing them on the first. I know my daughter was excited to see all that ruffle action!
    Ruth, that is so sad that your mother wasn’t able to finish it. But hopefully you will have a beautiful outfit for a sweet baby girl one day day – that sounds wonderful.


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