DIY Art for your walls

Today’s art project required some math skills, patience, and a whole lot of creativity.

First, I took the children to the fabric store in search of canvas.  Check, successful trip.  (You can see the ivory canvas fabric off to the right-hand side.)  All of that fabric cost me a whopping $14.00.  The fabric along the back of the couch is tye dye minky.  The print fabrics are all flannel.  It was a steal.  My fabulous shopping trip aside, the canvas alone would have cost me about $50.00.  I spent $3.99 on the canvas fabric.

Next, I came home and set to work building a frame upon which to stretch my canvas.  I scrounged wood scraps I had saved from my DIY book case project.  I used 1×2 scraps.  If you want to do this, you will need a saw (either hand or chop), sawing guide, staple gun, ruler, and patience (if you are using the hand saw).  I was short on the patience and nicked my finger.  My 3 year old pointed out I was improperly using the saw.  Thanks buddy, at least I know you’re listening when I warn you about stuff.  It takes a very long time to saw wood by hand.  Eldest wandered off.  I made the frame and then stapled the canvas onto it.  Good fun.  My son helped while baby had fun in the Jumperoo.

Next, we tracked down all the Tempura paints that we had been gifted over the years.  Then I let the children go hog wild.  The rule was that I wanted color but not pictures.  Otherwise, eldest would have only drawn pictures on her side and since middle child is just now starting to draw pictures and prefers to do abstract color swaths it would have been a terribly odd masterpiece.  We are all very happy how it turned out and it will be mounted on the living room wall above the sofa.  Ta da, happy children! 

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  1. Michelle Waller says

    I love doing this with my girls. We do one canvas every Saturday night and hang them in our den. Such a fun family activity.

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