Fighting Bedhead


Tired of the morning battles?  Fighting bedhead, and winning! Bed head….sigh. Detangler soaking in. This is with a doing everything “right”. #parenting @spraypal A photo posted by Liz Copeland (@waterrollsuphill) on Feb 9, 2015 at 7:29am PST All of my children have been graced with my father’s hair.  It is fine, beautiful, straight, they have […]

Headlight Restoration Using An Internet Tutorial


Dim headlights?  DIY headlight restoration? There are a number of kits on the market to polish your headlights, but there are numerous tutorials online that suggest that toothpaste or even polishing compound can be used to remove the haze buildup on your vehicle’s headlights.  Our minivan had some serious  headlight hazing, probably partially due to it […]

Heartworm Preventative


Why does a heartworm preventative matter? Heartworms are a nasty parasite, which infect both cats and dogs, and their larvae are transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes.  The good news is that there is an affordable, easy to dose preventative, available in either monthly or multiple month treatments from your local veterinarian.   Animals are also tested […]

The Georgia Dachshund Races 2015


Georgia Dachshund Races The Georgia Dachshund Races are indoors, and air conditioned, as well as handicapped accessible.  Nothing beats a family friendly atmospher complete with happy dachshunds, raffles, contests, tasty food, and exciting races…. In addition to the qualifying races for the National Dachshund Races, don’t miss out on the following fun contests: Costume, Size […]

Home Projects: Reupholstering dining room chairs


I don’t remember how long it’s been since I said that I was actually going to complete this project – reupholstering all of our kitchen chairs – because it’s been forever, and a day.  That being said, our chairs were actually off white, and as we homeschool and eat at the kitchen table, the kids pretty much destroyed […]

Homeschooling – Switching to a Complete Curriculum


Choosing a Curriculum – Switching to a Complete Curriculum Our Homeschooling Background I’ve homeschooled our two oldest children (now 2nd and 4th graders) from kindergarten through to present day.  Before choosing a complete curriculum, I simply went to the bookstore and picked student sets (teacher text/student/workbook) that covered the subject I was seeking to cover, […]