Writing A Good Fundraising Donation Request


Are you writing a fundraising donation request letter?  There is a lot that goes into perfecting your letter.  While you may think that your organization deserves everything plus the kitchen sink,  the reality is that many donations come down to writing a good fundraising donation pitch, because companies don’t have unlimited charitable budgets.  A good […]

Competitive Sports and Kids


There are a few different levels to kids’ sports from least expensive and time intensive to most: recreational (rec), club, and travel. I have three children, involved in various sports and activities.  Each level of involvement in sports requires both a financial and a time commitment.  The more competitive the level of the chosen sport, […]

When homeschooling isn’t working….

homeschooling isn't working

Struggling with homeschooling? Sometimes we have rosy pre-conceived notions as to what homeschooling will be, and the reality of managing a home, and managing our children’s education can come crashing down on us, in fantastic fashion.  For our family, add in the difficulties of running a home based small business, and you’ve got a recipe […]

PicturesOnGold.com Valentine’s Giveaway

pictures on gold giveaway

Thank you to PicturesOnGold.com for sponsoring this giveaway. Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Giveaway brought to you by PicturesOnGold.com! Hosted By: Nanny to Mommy A personalized gift for Valentine’s Day is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. With many designs, and metals to choose from, the  perfect piece of PicturesOnGold jewelry […]

February #EatInChallenge and Giveaway

greek salad dressing recipe

Trimming the budget or your waistline, and trying to cook at home more often?  Head on over to the blogs participating in the #EatInChallenge, and find some cooking inspiration!  In addition to a fabulous giveaway with three winners, each blogger has included a recipe of their own to share with our readers.  Enjoy! February #EatInChallenge […]

Cloth Diapering Essentials For The Frugal Parent

cloth diaper stash

Cloth Diapering Essentials For The Frugal Parent Having cloth diapered 3, soon to be 4 children, my hubby and I have heavily vetted what we consider to be cloth diapering essentials for the frugal parent.  We’ve tried most of the options on the market, with the exception of All-In-Ones.  While we have branched out somewhat […]

Natural Home Care: biokleen All Purpose Cleaner


Natural Home Care: biokleen All Purpose Cleaner Why biokleen All Purpose Cleaner? I have tried many natural home cleaners over the years.  My favorite was vinegar diluted with water, to be used in a sprayer, for table, counter top, toilet, sink and mirror cleaning.  Unfortunately, my spouse absolutely despises the smell of vinegar that lingers, […]